About "The Lockers"

The Lockers chorus formed in 2008.

Back then, young barbershop lovers were scattered all over Japan, enjoying barbershop in small choruses or quartets. Many of them were eager to have a performance opportunity in the big chorus style with choreography, like U.S. champion choruses.

That was when Sanda Harmorasse competition just started. Its regulation was a perfect fit for the barbershop style - it did not require any assigned music, only required men's choruses have at least four members, and the prize was to be given to the "most impressive."

Coming together from all over Japan, many young barbershoppers challenged a big chorus style. As you would expect, we won first prize, because barbershop always wins with an audience. In the next year we won the championship again. By the way, first prizes were taken by barbershoppers for six years in a row from that time on.

We decided to hold a show. We actually did twice in Tokyo and Osaka because the members came from all over Japan. Both shows were a great success and always had a full house.

Thereafter, we kept singing.

The Lockers started as a short term project, so we still have that spirit on our minds. We do not have annual shows or gigs. Event ideas come out of nowhere, and everything just follows. We always end up singing in an afterglow, when we realize we love doing it.

What our name means?

"Lock" is the jargon used among barbershoppers, it indicates "to harmonize firmly".
We aim to "lock" our sound and to "lock on" audiences' heart.

What are members like?

College student, grad student and adults who are twentied through forties.
Average age is early thirties.

How many members?

About 50 members belong to us, but mostly 30 members are on the stage because some members are busy with their business, babysitting, etc.

Where do members live?

In all Japan and Los Angeles

Where do they sing?

Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto

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